Sarimah Ahmad in “Kanchan Tirana” (1968)

The film was released in 1968 and directed by the awesome Tan Sri P. Ramlee. the film was produced by Merdeka Films, the same company which made so many promises to P. Ramlee to get him to move to Malaysia, just to let him down and not deliver ANY of those promises.


It tells a story of a young man, Kanchan (Jins Shamsudin) who goes to learn the art of self-defense (more like “self-offense”) from a grand master, Tirana (P. Ramlee). it’s mostly to fight and defeat the village bully, Sang Nila.

Sarimah Ahmad plays Tilani, a love interest.

The video clip is Part 2 of several parts. Please visit natmj for other parts.


Video uploaded by natmj.


All copyrights reserved.



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